Hi..my name is Gail and I love to write, paint and make things...especially my little handstitched mice!

Friday, 30 November 2012

A big change!

Hello again - after another long silence.  This is a big change, in that I have renamed this blog 'Rosebud Lane' - I feel this is a better description for the things I want to showcase on my blog, especially my little mice!
As I have mentioned before, although I continue to do stitchery designs, and hope I always will! - I am also busy with writing, illustrations and the aforementioned mice, and I want to give these things more prominence in the blog going forward.  Hence the name change - which also ties in with my email address for ease of contact.
Hope to hear feedback from some of you going forward - and I will have a new blog title picture (and other pictures of what I have been up to!) to show you very soon.
Happy end of the month - and I hope you are all looking forward to a bright and blessed festive season.