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Monday, 5 August 2013

Dandelion makes her debut!

hello to all again - after a long silence, filled with lots of things, including all sorts of last minute things that needed to be completed for the cookbook.
Just an quick update about little Dandelion mouse, who was originally featured on this blog back in May - she has appeared in the latest issue of the UK magazine Landlove (which went on sale in the UK on 1st August;  it will probably take several weeks before it appears in other countries!)  I have already had quite a lot of queries about her, and requests for mice catalogues - so am very grateful to the editor and team of the magazine for featuring her!
Hopefully I will have a couple of new mice to show you all soon - working on some new ideas, especially with the holidays not that far off - which is a bit of an alarming thought!
Be happy and enjoy the week ahead!  Gail xx