Hi..my name is Gail and I love to write, paint and make things...especially my little handstitched mice!

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Back at the beach!

Another long gap between posts - been a difficult and busy few months since my dad's passing in May, but things are slowly coming together and I have just moved back to the coast - my favourite place, Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.  So happy to be back here!  And now, hopefully, I will get back to my various creative pursuits, including a new cookbook and more mice - maybe a couple of seafaring or fishing ones!

I also recently completed work on a craft book featuring the mice, which will be published in France by Editions de Saxe - hopefully in spring, 2017, all going well.  This book will be available worldwide - I think! - but obviously in French only at this stage.

Hopefully be back to write more soon, in between some sunbathing on the beach!

Gail xxx