Hi..my name is Gail and I love to write, paint and make things...especially my little handstitched mice!

Friday, 13 April 2018

on the move!

Hello everyone - please note that as from the 15 April I will no longer be posting or updating on this blog...I feel it is time for something new, time for a change... life is about moving on and exploring new horizons. So...please find me at my new address(es)! - inspirationandcake.blogspot.com, and also teacupsandthimbles.blogspot.com (which will be featuring my needlework/stitchery design, something else I am starting doing again after a long hiatus!)

Not to say I won't make mice again in the future - but for now I am having a sabbatical from making the little beasties - although I hope to continue to put out artwork/little books featuring them!

Thanks for your support over the years - please do come and view/comment on my new blogs once they are up and running - and share if you can with your friends.

Blessings and love...Gail xxx

Thursday, 15 February 2018


Just a quick post...on reflection and following several requests from people who are following this blog, I have decided to continue using it! I also have plans to create a proper shop (possibly with Etsy)...so watch this space!! Thanks for all the support and interest...Gail xxx

Thursday, 25 January 2018

new year...new beginning..

Hello everyone who reads/follows this blog! As we are well into the first month of 2018, I have decided - not without some deep thought and regret - to change my blogs. This blog was first created over five years ago, and much has changed in my life in that time and I think I need a fresh start to clear away some of the confusion and cobwebs after what has been a difficult few years in many ways.

So, this will be the last post on this current blog. (I will leave it up for a while); I am starting a new blog about the mice (with a slightly different theme and focus) - this blog will be titled: tailsfromrosebudlane.blogspot.com and will hopefully be up and running in a few weeks. I am also starting another blog, this one called: inspirationandcake.blogspot.com. This blog will feature a portfolio of my other artwork, paper goods and cards, and also thoughts on life (with delicious recipes to match!) Again.. this should be up fairly soon. (I will also post updates on Facebook, and on Pinterest too.)

Thanks - and I hope to see you and read your comments at my new locations... heartmade blessings..Gail xxx

Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Well...that's a word I made up, combining two of my favourite things...mandalas and dreamcatchers! I wanted to make a little painted hanging that combined elements of both these design icons, and obviously use beads and feathers as a finishing touch. I am happy with the results of the ones I have created so far, and also received positive feedback from friends and customers...hope you enjoy them too (and apologies for the less than great photos!)...blessings...Gail xxx

Thursday, 26 October 2017

My new little book!

I have just had the first copies of my new little book - 'How to Live a Simply Art-Full Life' published; it's just a small book, 36 pages in all, completely handwritten and illustrated (in my usual style) - and I am very happy with it. It was such a joy to create, and I hope people out there will also find it a grace in their lives...perhaps one day it will even be picked up by a 'regular' publisher and appear in full colour!

Should anyone want more information about ordering this book from me, please leave a comment or message me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Blessings and have a creative day...Gail xxx

Monday, 11 September 2017

More heartmade....

I have been painting up a storm just lately (and neglecting the mice a little bit, which they are not too happy about!) These are two of my other little painted wooden hangings (or dangles!) - the heart one is kind of near and dear to me, because I just love owls (and all birds, really); the caravan dangle is for some friends who just love their little 'house on wheels'. All these pieces are also available to order, and can be personalised if you like - just send me a email if you are interested. Happy Monday to all...Gail xxx

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Heartmade by Gail...

In addition to my mice I also am doing lots of painting in my fairly whimsical style...and am creating cards, journals and little painted wire hangings on wood, trimmed with fabric.  Here is one of my latest creations, done as a gift for a very old and dear friend...she loves it and already has asked for more, for some of her other friends!  Being creative is so important to me...and I think to so many of us, it's healthy and life enhancing on every level. Someone asked me the other day why I do so many different things - well, apart from having a very low boredom threshold! - I just really like to create and make things. My head is so full of ideas and there aren't enough hours in the day to actually do all the painting, stitching and writing I love...but that's a good problem to have. At least I don't get bored!  Gail xxx