Hi..my name is Gail and I love to write, paint and make things...especially my little handstitched mice!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Keeping out of mischief!

Hello to all.  I have been intending to do another blog post for several days now, but time seems to have run away with me again.  My excuse is that I have been really busy, not only with working on the artwork roughs for my cookery book - but also stitching mice for orders in between!  It keeps me out of mischief, anyway, and I enjoy the varied creativity of my life.
Someone who recently ordered Miss Bobbin also asked me if I had ever thought of doing a knitting mouse - strangely, that was one of the very first little mouse characters I designed.  I made her as a gift for a friend called Reenie who is a passionate knitter (and very good at it!)  I like knitting myself, but tend to stick to the really simple projects.  Miss Purl, as I named her, was fun to make with her little knitted cardigan, needles and yarn - but for some reason I did not include her in my first catalogue.  Perhaps I will have to rethink that, as knitting is such a popular pastime now.  I do have a picture of her, not a very good one - but enough to give a general idea.  Take a look at this little knitting mouse!

I love her little cardigan the best - although it was quite fiddly to make.  Let me know what you think of her!
Have a lovely, relaxing and creative weekend.
Gail xx

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

More mice!

Greetings to all.  Again, my thanks for all the messages and comments received recently, they are much appreciated!  Please also take a look at my Facebook page, and like me, if you feel so inclined.
Several people have asked me if I sell kits or patterns of my mice - no, not at the moment, as I am focusing on the mice as a retail product.  However, that may change one day in the future, if there is enough interest from people wanting to create their own little beasties.
One thing that would be fun - and someone also suggested this to me - is to one day do a book about the mice of Rosebud Lane - with patterns, obviously, but also with other fun things like recipes the mice make (for example Cinnamon's chocolate cake!), gardening and decorating ideas and so on.  That would be something I would love to do, so hopefully if the mice become 'famous' enough - who knows?
Another little mousie picture - especially for the lovely French ladies who have been leaving me such kind messages - I present Mademouselle de Paris, very chic in her smart jacket and with her designer handbag!

So, I am starting to feel my life is taken over by these little mice - but in a very good way!  Enjoy them, and have a happy day.
Gail xx

Friday, 12 April 2013

Your comments!

Greetings to all.  Bienvenue!  I am so happy that my mice have recently been featured on two of my favourite blogs - www.dany88.canalblog.com and www.helenphilipps.blogspot.com. Since then I have received so many lovely comments and messages about the little mice.  Thank you all for taking the time and trouble to write to me.  Merci beaucoup pour votre gentillesse.

This is Cinnamon, the little baker, with her favourite chocolate cake.  Ici c'est la petite souris Cinnamon, avec son gateau au chocolat!
Warm wishes to all!  Meilleurs voeux.
Gail xx

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Facebook page - I think!

Hello to all.  Just a little additional information - I have created a page on Facebook for Rosebud Lane;  it's not quite right yet, as I am not exactly familiar with Facebook and how it works, but if you log into Facebook and search for Rosebud Lane my little mice are there.  Please like me - and leave me a message if you feel so inclined!
Have a lovely week and be happy
Gail xx