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Monday, 28 March 2016

Great news!

Hello again - after a fairly long silence!  Well, at least I can say I have been busy - lots of new little mice to show on this blog.  The good news is that the beautiful magazine 'Daphne's Diary' is going to be doing a story about me and my various creative endeavours later this year - including the mice!  So that is something to look out for.  I am also continuing to work on my two books featuring the Mice of Rosebud Lane - the craft book, and also the children's book, Camomile's Teapot, with recipes and watercolour illustrations - see the image below!  Enjoy and talk soon...Gail xx

Miss Bobbin hard at work on her stitching

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  1. I just love the mouse in this picture. Do you currently have any available to buy - they are just delightful.
    I live in the UK (Scotland)


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