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Thursday, 25 January 2018

new year...new beginning..

Hello everyone who reads/follows this blog! As we are well into the first month of 2018, I have decided - not without some deep thought and regret - to change my blogs. This blog was first created over five years ago, and much has changed in my life in that time and I think I need a fresh start to clear away some of the confusion and cobwebs after what has been a difficult few years in many ways.

So, this will be the last post on this current blog. (I will leave it up for a while); I am starting a new blog about the mice (with a slightly different theme and focus) - this blog will be titled: tailsfromrosebudlane.blogspot.com and will hopefully be up and running in a few weeks. I am also starting another blog, this one called: inspirationandcake.blogspot.com. This blog will feature a portfolio of my other artwork, paper goods and cards, and also thoughts on life (with delicious recipes to match!) Again.. this should be up fairly soon. (I will also post updates on Facebook, and on Pinterest too.)

Thanks - and I hope to see you and read your comments at my new locations... heartmade blessings..Gail xxx

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