Hi..my name is Gail and I love to write, paint and make things...especially my little handstitched mice!

Friday, 13 April 2018

on the move!

Hello everyone - please note that as from the 15 April I will no longer be posting or updating on this blog...I feel it is time for something new, time for a change... life is about moving on and exploring new horizons. So...please find me at my new address(es)! - inspirationandcake.blogspot.com, and also teacupsandthimbles.blogspot.com (which will be featuring my needlework/stitchery design, something else I am starting doing again after a long hiatus!)

Not to say I won't make mice again in the future - but for now I am having a sabbatical from making the little beasties - although I hope to continue to put out artwork/little books featuring them!

Thanks for your support over the years - please do come and view/comment on my new blogs once they are up and running - and share if you can with your friends.

Blessings and love...Gail xxx

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